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Ziedukurjers.lv is a flower delivery online catalogue that provides flower delivery in Riga (free of charge) and Latvia. In our flower catalogue you will be able to find and order flowers for yourself or to congratulate friends or your loved ones.


It takes only few minutes to order flower delivery. Flower delivery in Riga is carried out on the same day. Flower delivery in Latvia is carried out also on the same day if the receiver is located in one of largest towns (for instance Bauska, Jelgava, Ogre etc.). If flower delivery services are needed to send flowers to a smaller town or village, please contact us first to ensure that we will be able to deliver flowers at receiver's address right in time.


And remember - you can order flower delivery in Latvia even by phone!


Your flowers will always be delivered - even in cases when receiver won't be at your provided address we will contact with him or her previously to ensure we make flower delivery convenient.

We provide not only simple flower delivery in Latvia - in our service portfolio are also wedding floristry (bridal bouquets, wedding car decorations and other types of flower decorations for weddings), Christmas wreaths as well as funeral wreaths and funeral sprays.

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Valdzinājums: Обаяние. cnt. 45.00 €
45.00 €
Maigie pieskārieni: Нежные прикосновение. cnt. 39.00 €
39.00 €
Ziedu kaste nr2: Букет из роз нр2: Flower box 2. cnt. 48.00 €
48.00 €
Ziedu kaste nr3: Букет из роз нр3: Flower box 3. cnt. 48.00 €
48.00 €
Svētku pušķis nr 4: Букет для праздника нр 4: Flower bouquet 4. cnt. 48.00 €
48.00 €
Ziedu kaste nr4: Букет из роз нр4: Flower box 4. cnt. 60.00 €
60.00 €
Sarkanas un rozā rozes: Красные и  Розовые розы: Red and pink roses. cnt. 65.00 €
65.00 €
Pušķis 74: Букет 74: Bouquet 74. cnt. 93.00 €
93.00 €
Ziedu kaste nr1: Букет из роз нр1: Flower box 1. cnt. 60.00 €
60.00 €
Tu esi mans liktenis!: Ты моя судьба!. cnt. 61.00 €
61.00 €
Baltas un sarkanas rozes: Белые и красные розы. cnt. 75.00 €
75.00 €
Svētku pušķis nr 26: Букет для праздника нр 26: Flower bouquet 26. cnt. 64.00 €
64.00 €
Svētku pušķis nr 32: Букет для праздника нр 32: Flower bouquet 32. cnt. 110.00 €
110.00 €
Svētku pušķis nr 28: Букет для праздника нр 28: Flower bouquet 28. cnt. 65.00 €
65.00 €
Svētku pušķis nr 11: Букет для праздника нр 11: Flower bouquet 11. cnt. 190.00 €
190.00 €
Svētku pušķis nr 6: Букет для праздника нр 6: Flower bouquet 6. cnt. 72.00 €
72.00 €
Svētku pušķis nr 33: Букет для праздника нр 33: Flower bouquet 33. cnt. 225.00 €
225.00 €
Pasmaidi: Улыбнуться. cnt. 95.00 €
95.00 €
Svētku pušķis nr 44: Букет для праздника нр 44: Flower bouquet 44. cnt. 72.00 €
72.00 €
Svētku pušķis nr 15: Букет для праздника нр 15: Flower bouquet 15. cnt. 155.00 €
155.00 €
Dzeltenas rozes: Жёлтые розы. cnt. 43.00 €
43.00 €
Svētku pušķis nr 38: Букет для праздника нр 38: Flower bouquet 38. cnt. 240.00 €
240.00 €
Svētku pušķis nr 29: Букет для праздника нр 29: Flower bouquet 29. cnt. 99.00 €
99.00 €



Terms of flower delivery in Riga (and Latvia)

  1. We accept flower delivery orders 24/7.
  2. Flower delivery orders are processed from 9:00 to 17:00 local time on working days (if you make the order after 17:00 it will be processed on next working day).
  3. To ensure flower delivery in Riga is carried out on the same day please make the payment until 13:00.
  4. To ensure flower delivery in Riga district is carried out right in time please make your order and the payment 1 working day prior delivery date.
  5. To ensure flower delivery in Latvia (outside Riga of its district) is carried out right in time please make your order and the payment 2 working days prior delivery date.
  6. If you need flower delivery in Riga on weekend or on National holiday please make your order and payment until 17:00 on previous working day.
  7. If you need flower delivery in Latvia (outside Riga of its district) on weekend or on National holiday please make your order and payment until 12:00 on previous working day.
  8. Flower delivery services in Latvia are provided every working day from 9:00 to 20:00 (on weekends from 10:00 to 17:00). If you need flower delivery in Latvia on other time please contact us by phone (+371) 28768672 or by e-mail at info@ziedukurjers.lv
  9. Flower delivery to working places are carried out until 17:00 if in comments of order you haven't mentioned specific time.
  10. On Valentine’s Day, 8th March and on Mother’s Day we provide flower delivery free of additional holiday charge but to ensure flower delivery on these days please make your order and payment 3 to 5 days earlier.
  11. Please be precise giving us information about the recipient (address and telephone number). Otherwise flower delivery can be carried out only after clarification of address.
  12. If ordered flowers are not available because of season or any other reason we will replace them with others from the same price list. Other compensations are not provided.
  13. In cases when recipient is not at your provided address we will contact the recipient and make arrangements on delivery.
  14. If the telephone number or the address of recipient is not correct or if there’s no response from the recipient, the your ordered flowers will be left to colleagues or neighbours.
  15. Price list for flower delivery in Latvia is located in section "Flower delivery". If you can't find town or district in that please contact us by (+371) 28768672 or by e-mail at info@ziedukurjers.lv to find out the price for delivery.
  16. We don't refund after payment is done
  17. We are not responsible for flower care and storing after delivery is carried out.
  18. In case if there’s any damage or other delivery failure it must be clarified at the presence of courier. After delivery’s carried out we don't any claims.
  19. When ordering flowers and flower delivery services in our online catalogue you automatically agree to rules listed below. If you have any claims or uncertainty please contact us by e-mail at info@ziedukurjers.lv All complaints will be reviewed within 10 days.

Ziedukurjers.lv is a flower on-line catalog where you can order flowers for yourself or to congratulate  friends and loved ones.Flower courier delivers flowers in all territory of Latvia. To Send flowers only takes a few minutes, flowers in riga will be delivered on the same day. Flowers in Latvia will be delivered by courier in the same day, if reciever lives in the largest cities of Latvia. To send flowers to small cities, cities districts or villiages, you must contact us first. You can Order flower delivery even by the phone! Flowers by courier always reach the recipient , if the recipients adress will be correct.Our flower shop offers any solutions of flowers : fresh flower bouquets, cutted flowers, cristmas wreaths , wedding floristry ( bridal bouquets, wedding car decorations, etc.) as well as houseplants. Flower delivery in Riga with flowers courier is possible on the same day.

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